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There are two big reasons for why people play bingo, with its social nature and sheer simplicity making it a popular game.

Youngsters and adults alike enjoy this game, with the elderly being more likely to be found playing in a brick-and-mortar venue. The online community is booming and those who like the game and plan on making the transition to the Internet, will find a steadfast ally in 1001bookmakers.

How to play bingo online?

bingo-gameThis is just one of the questions that we will try to answer in the section dedicated to the beautiful game, to convince players that online action is worth a try. The game is played by the same rules as in land-based venues, so if you are familiar with the game mechanics, you will have no problem in playing over the Internet. You don’t need any previous experience and as long as you are lucky and enjoy the game you will have an excellent time and a decent chance at winning.

Players buy one or more tickets and they have numbers already inscribed on them, with the aim being to have all the numbers matched. In a traditional venue, a speaker would announced the number, whereas over the Internet the software does it on his behalf. The game can be played with 75 balls, 80 or as many as 90 of them but the rules are identical and the one who has all the numbers matched will win the big prize.

A guide to Internet bingo

1001bookmakers will go a step further and after thoroughly explaining the rules that apply to all bingo variants, will also make recommendations based on different types. The differences might seem negligible, yet they are important to understand when exploring different versions of the popular game. Some carry progressive jackpots, others are offering players more winning combinations at the expense of smaller paychecks and the rules are slightly different.

You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions, regarding the winning possibilities and ideal strategies. The guide section guide section is the one to browse often if you are taking the game seriously and hope to maximize your chances to win in the long run. Last but definitely not least, our visitors will learn about the online gambling companies that better serve players and stay out from trouble.

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