Joe McKeehen wins the 2015 WSOP Main Event

Arguably the most important poker tournament of the year, the World Series of Poker has finally crowned his winner. Once again, it is not the poker professionals that with the trophy WSOPand more than $7 million, but a highly ambitious amateur.

Joe McKeehen made it to the final table several months ago and he patiently waited for action to resuming the first week of November. It was not easy for the American to consolidate his position at the final table, but he got lucky when he needed most.

Joe McKeehen had the advantage of starting the final stage of the competition with a healthy stack, almost twice as much as the runner-up. This gave him a clear advantage over the pack and enabled the chip leaders to play aggressive poker, without actually jeopardizing his chances. Much to his credit, he didn’t sit on his impressive stack and gradually added more chips, to extend his lead and by the time three handed game began he had three times more than the combined amount.

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There were six Americans at the final table and four of them make a deep run to finish on the top positions, yet no agreement was reached. Max Steinberg was the first to be eliminated and for finishing in the fourth place in collecting $2.6 million. Not a long time after him, Neil Blumenfield was sent to the rail and most of his ships were collected by Joe McKeehen who set the stage for a one-sided heads up.

Josh Blackley was hardly intimidated by the fact that he started at a disadvantage and tried to close the gap separating him from the leader early on. He was pretty successful at first and almost double his stack, but luck deserted him soon after and he started losing being hands. Even so, it took nearly 200 hands for the winner to be decided and Joe won the tournament by hitting a pair on the flop.