Mobile Gamblers on the rise at Dankespil Casino

Dankespil Casino was among the first online casinos to build its business around the fast-growing community of mobile gamblers and their strategy paid off. Having so many games compatible with smartphones and tablets help their cause greatly, as most of those who sought the adrenaline rush of such games flock to their casino.

The popularity of mobile gambling is on the rise worldwide and virtually all new casinos are offering this alternative to their new and prospective members.

Initially, only Apple devices were suitable for playing casino games, but now the entire spectrum of android smartphones and tablets can be used. You don’t even need the latest gadgets to play the games and enjoy the finals graphics and flowing animations, because older counterparts qualify.

The top priority for those developing games for mobile gamblers was to come up with titles that are on par with the ones that can be played on desktop computers. Dankespil Casino has invested just as much in making deposits and withdrawals more convenient for those who appreciate this type of gambling. It is now possible for mobile players to use their gadgets easily to fund their accounts and if they succeed at converting this investment into profits, the money can be withdrawn instantly.

There are absolutely no differences between the waiting times, no commission is charged and players can apply for all the bonuses and promotions available. Even so, as the technology is relatively new, statistics show that many players choose to cash out their profits on desktop computers. It is only a matter of time until they will get more comfortable with the system and once this happens, their reliance on computers will diminish even further.


It’s already refreshing to see that most of those who compete for progressive jackpots and end up winning the first prize are mobile device users. Overall, online casinos owe most of their revenue to mobile casino players and the data released in 2015 is the ultimate proof.

Dankespil Casino had the advantage of an early start, by being among the ones to embrace the technology early but also have the merit of constantly innovating the industry. Their advertising strategy is also focused heavily on mobile device users and they diligently work towards consolidating this customer base.