DublinBet expands its mobile friendly slots collection

Just when you thought that mobile gambling could get any better at DublinBet you are surprised once again. Since they already accept smartphones and dublinbetlogotablets running on all operating systems, very little can change in this regard.

Feel free to use your device of choice to play the games available. Speaking of which, more slot machines than ever before can be played here, including two carrying jackpots.

Guaranteed Wishes and Pretty Kitty don’t have a progressive jackpot and that’s why the prizes don’t count in millions of dollars. On the other hand, you can still win a lot of money with a minimal investment, so even if it’s the first time you play here, you are still in good hands. In fact, the casino took the time to acknowledge the achievement of a new player who only goes by the name of Elma. For reasons that have to do with privacy and security, they decided not to disclose the full name.

What matters the most is that the player won a significant amount without gambling too much money on these games. She recently made the transition from virtual currency to real money gambling and her decision paid off big. Naturally, these two games appeal to the female audience, with their fancy and colorful graphics. Kittens are loved by anyone, so once again the games proved to be irresistible well before they actually got to pay off in such a big way.

DublinBet even runs a special tournament that goes by the name of Pretty Kitty Guaranteed Wish. This is actually a tournament that focuses on the two games that were recently unveiled. The casino decided to hit two birds with one stone and try to maximize the number of people who play these games. The first prize is a holiday that promises to be memorable, not only because it sends players to an exotic location. The winners won’t have to pay anything out of pocket as the casino will take care of everything.

There are plenty of reasons to double your efforts and try to win this prize, especially during this time of the year. The best vacations are usually the ones you take on August and September but then again even if you go on holiday later on, there are few reasons to complain. At the end of the day what matters the most is to spend some quality time in a beautiful place and with someone whose company you enjoy. These are the two promises made by DublinBet to all those who participate in this campaign.

Elma decided to let the entire world know about her good fortune by posting her win on Facebook and Instagram. As far as the winner feels comfortable sharing the good news, the casino has nothing against it. However if you want to keep your winnings drivers you can rely on DublinBet to keep quiet.

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